1. Learn how to make these cute triangular zipper pouches with my step-by-step
    video tutorial! Share with your friends!

  2. I just posted a video myself on how to make these about two weeks ago, they
    are a great little sewing project, well done. Good idea about putting the
    loop inside too. Did I see a Juki MO1000 serger, I have that too, it’s a
    great machine.

  3. Vanessa I’m interested in your opinion of the Juki machine you’re working
    with. What model is it and would you recommend it? Oh, and great
    tutorial, I’ll be making a few of these for my assorted bobbins. I sew
    with several antique machines, and each one uses a different bobbin.

  4. Love this and love your teaching style! Can you tell me what you did with
    the other end of the zipper? Did you cut it off as well??

  5. Muy bonitos me podrias decir que medida corto los rectangulos y de que
    medida es el cierre? Gracias por mandar tan bonitos tutoriales. Saludos

  6. So ocute. I think this would make a very whimsical purse making the whole
    thinig bigger and the tab very long for a handle strap…dee

  7. Hola, me llamo Mari Jose y soy española. Te sigo desde hace tiempo, me
    encantan tus vídeos!! Lástima que no sepa ingles. Vi en facebook que fuiste
    a una exposición de maquinas de coser y enseñaste la Juki 2010Q. Al final
    te la compraste por lo que he visto en tu vídeo. Yo me he comprado la Juki
    TL98P que es igual que la tuya pero europea y aun no la he crecido. Estoy
    muy nerviosa esperándola. Un beso

  8. Soooo excited about this video!!! I’ve been waiting for something like this
    and can’t wait to try it out. Thank you Vanessa for taking the time to make
    this video and share it . . . love all that you do!!! Blessings to you and
    your family!!

  9. Great video! Where can I find more info on the folding ruler? The video
    states it is in the supply list but it’s not there. Brenda

  10. For the first time in a very long time, I made a project right away.
    Usually I put it off and really never go back to it. This time I watched
    the video, picked my fabric and made this cute little pouch. Had my usual
    zipper anxiety, but got through it!

  11. Thanks for the great tutorial, Vanessa! I saw these little pouches on
    Pinterest and wanted to make a few for gifts, so now I know I can make them
    after seeing your video. Your directions are so easy to follow. Thanks for

  12. Now I get to raid my late mom’s zipper stash and make these ? She would be
    so surprised that I would be putting in a zipper in anything? LOL But my
    girlfriend will love it for her birthday! Thanks. 

  13. I love your videos.
    You always explain it so clearly, that someone with no sewing experience at
    all can follow along.
    Thank you for all of your ideas and tutorials.

  14. Now these are adorable! I’ve been following your videos for a very long
    time, even though I don’t have a sewing machine, lol. I’ve finally decided
    to make that leap and start at square one. I can’t wait to put your
    tutorials to use!

    Also, will you be doing another Stitch Fix video soon? I love those.

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