1. Since so many of you guys voted yes to creating this tutorial… here it
    is! how I create some delicious and super cute tiny miniature donuts! 

  2. If you turn the cat donut upsidedown it looks like a sad seal… Idek how I
    picked up on that but it’s still pretty adorable

  3. Wow tht looks amazing I got amazing ideas I got to pottery and I mad a
    minion owls tiger plate two ash tray and am working on making a elephant oh
    and a mask and I watched ur video and I think am goin to make them as wee
    charms and I might try out needle felting I found a website it and the a
    hobby craft shop for. Where I live and thank u flying mio u gave me new
    ideas thank u so much I love ur videos can’t wait for ur next one

  4. Mio I really lime ur vids and if someone says bad things about u ignore it
    your perfect and that guy is a lucky person stay pretty ps luv the nails.

  5. Hi flyingmio
    If we cant find any fimo liquid gel anywhere near our area will it be okay
    to use clear nail polish as a substitute?

  6. I would definitely reccomend glaze because it’s just more professional,
    protects your work, and has a better shine and feel. They are not too
    expensive at a

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