1. Mimi you are amazing!!! We can’t wait to try this out. IT looks like it
    took you hours, when really it is super simple and chic. Thank you for
    showing us this! we love you! Xoxo RSVPready

  2. First thing: your hair look so healthy , cute and elegant with no
    extensions on them, as well. Second: the updo is really very chic and easy
    at the same time. And a third one, if possible: could you link or name the
    brand of the jewelry you’re wearing on this video, especially the bracelet
    and the pedant? Thanks anyway for your absolute inspiring videos and the
    happiness you spread to the world!

  3. Before you made this I was thinking of doing this exact same idea because
    when ever I make two braids, they’re fishtails, I make them go around each
    side. And it looks like this lol. Just thought I’d say that. I love this
    hairdo btw

  4. Hey Mimi, I know you’re not wearing your extensions, but what do you
    suggest girls with really long hair do if they want to try this style? Like
    placement of braids?

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