1. I’m gonna sing The Doom Song now!

    Doom doom doom doom doom,
    doom doom do DOOM,
    DOOOM doom do-doom,
    DOOM do-doom doom doooom,
    doom doom dooom, do-do-DOOOM!

    Doom doom doo doom doom,
    doom do do DOOM,
    Do do DOOM,
    Doom doom doom THE END

  2. Love this!!!!!!!!
    Request; silent brother from The mortal instruments
    I would love to see how you create the stitches and runes!

  3. Love your videos charlie ! I just started a channel doing face painting ! i
    would really appreciate it if anyone checked it out and gave me some
    suggestions :) 

  4. Hello I am Italian so forgive my broken English but I used google
    translator . Because I love your masks vovevo you ask for advice to
    recreate the mask of Jim Carrey having to dispoaizione only the liquid
    latex and some conore Kryolan . Thanks 

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