1. Great video! My favorite drugstore foundations are L’Oréal true match and
    Revlon Colorstay whipped. For eyes the Maybelline Tattoo’s are great as
    bases or worn alone on the lid and something else thrown in the crease. The
    liquid liner from NYC is also another drugstore fav! As for lips, anything
    Milani, NYX or the Maybelline Moisture Mattes are amazing!

  2. I’m now a drugstore makeup believer!! Don’t forget to share your drugstore
    favorites! Oh- and I’m 99% sure I used the Elf eyebrow kit wrong..oops.

  3. I have dry skin, but I loooove the Pro Matte. It’s the perfect yellow
    undertone, and it gives that droolworthy flawless face, Glad you love it! :) 

  4. Informative video :) definitely helped on product review. Oh btw loved the
    bloopers at the end…”cuz your basic” hahaha

  5. i’m addicted to your videos. i LOVE the l’oreal pro matte foundation! it’s
    the first drugstore foundation that has wowed me. if you’re still looking
    for good drugstore eyeshadows, the l’oreal infallibles are really good.
    mostly shimmer, but there are a few mattes too. 

  6. I think that video is an example that price does not determine quality. You
    can look good on affordable products. I love my department store but don’t
    let people make you feel bad because you can’t afford them :) 

  7. You looked really uncomfortable using these products….there are so many
    alternatives out there for high end makeup….glad you gave affordable make
    up a try doll

  8. OK can I just say praise Jesus for this video!!!!! Seriously thank you so
    much for doing such a good job being creative and inventive! I love your
    tutorials. Can’t wait for another everyday option video. Can you make this
    a series? I’m so glad I joined your channel. 

  9. Do you recommend elf brushes for beginners in makeup? I have the Blending
    brush and the C eyeshadow brush and love them. Are there any other brand
    brushes you would recommend that are better than elf?

  10. OMG my glasses leave the same perma-dark spots on my nose too! No matter
    how long its been since I’ve put glasses on, they are always there now! I
    have no idea why! Glad I’m not alone! ANYHOO. In terms of recommendations,
    I second those below in getting the Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral Mattes
    Palette. You. Will. Die. It’s incredible. The Loreal Infallible is my fav
    foundation, so you’ve already discovered that. Jordana makes my favorite
    Mascara (the purple one) from the drugstore, and their lip liners and 12 hr
    liquid liner pencils are fantastic. Also, their Matte Lipsticks they just
    launches are fantastic. P.s. Your hair looks bomb. 

  11. I loved it… I have most of those products the Elf bronzer is amazing as a
    highlighter… You have to try the Milani bella eyeshadows and the
    Maybelline quads you’ll fall in love :) 

  12. This is a beautiful summer/spring look! Super bronzey! I love it! Or maybe
    it just seems extra summery to me because of how gorgeously bronzed oh are

  13. You didn’t like wet n wild? Bummer such a great brand but I think you
    should try the comfort zone palette all neutrals and greens.. at least give
    it a try with am eyeshadow base you will not be disappointed :) 

  14. can you please tell me where you got the gray shirt in the beginning with
    the black pocket in the front??? i want it!!! thanks!

  15. Did the elf concealer crease under the shadow? It always does on me, so I
    use the elf eye primer. Beautiful look, your blending is just gorgeous!!

  16. I actually loved that Loreal foundation, too. It’s my “weekend foundation”.
    Because nothing can compare to my ELDW, so far. Rimmel has a 24 hour
    foundation out that’s actually pretty good, too.

  17. if i do buy drugstore shadow i now only try Rimmel because they have a
    consistancy and decent colors. Elf translucent powder is my holy grail! its
    so cheap, actually works and does not have talc..talc breaks my skin out so
    there are like two powders in the world i can use lol. id love to know how
    the foundation worked out, if it melts away when you wear it all day or if
    you are active….

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