1. Dear Zoe,
    You probably won’t see this but if you do, I just want you too know how
    happy you’re videos make me feel. I’ve been having a really rough week and
    have found it hard to stay positive but whenever I watch one of your videos
    it really cheers me up! I know you make so many other people feel this way
    and just thank you for being there!

  2. Hi, your probably not going. Read this but I would love it if you can. I’m
    literally your biggest fan. I watched all your videos and I check youtube
    every five minutes to see if you posted! I hope your having fun in
    America!!!! I love you soooooo much I think your so pretty and perfect and
    your news hair looks really nice. I wish I was you

  3. Gunna try this as me and my bf are going out for a meal together and maybe
    doing our 7 year aniversay things that day but we maybe going to his mums
    wedding so yeah or I maybe away but not sure but thankyou really love the
    look and you look stunning with it Hair tutorial for short hair soon maybe
    as I’m setting my self the challenge of cutting so many inches of my hair
    of for a cancer charity 

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