Dying Light Xbox One Gameplay: Singleplayer, Multiplayer PVP Tutorial and Night Time Zombies

NEW! Dying Light Xbox One Gameplay: Singleplayer, Multiplayer PVP Tutorial and Night Time Zombies Stay tuned to Open World Games for more Dying Light gameplay, coop gameplay, map size, and …


  1. Holy crap I hate these fucking people who say a game is coming to a certain
    console when really it’s coming to both, in this case Nelson says “dying
    light is coming to Xbox one tomorrow!” And I just say what the hell is
    wrong with ps4 you Xbox supremacist! I don’t have any anger towards Xbox
    I’m just tired of all its fans being so quick to hate on us ps4 users!

  2. Whys everyone hating on xbox…. they still use batteries in their
    controllers like it’s the 90′s pretty cool no? Nope what a sad pos.

  3. Where I live GameStop is closed tomorrow. So I can’t get my preorder till
    Wednesday. I guess it’s still better that February 28th 

  4. Will you be giving an honest review of the game? I know it probably takes a
    while to make a full review, but a rough review would be good, just want to
    know if this one is worth picking up or not… 

  5. Just an advice… i think you should delete this video as soon as the game
    comes out.. These guys are HORRIBLE in this game, i’m sure you’re aware of
    this too. This video is useful in one way only, seeing the game mechanics
    and content, which everyone can see on youtube once the game comes out. xD

  6. So I’m really confused about this be the zombie mode. Will it be accessible
    to all? Or just digital download? Can someone please clarify. Thankyou

  7. In the UK, on Xbox, is the digital copy coming out on the 30th or the 28th?
    Xbox still says 30th, but other websites say it is coming out for Europe
    etc on the 28th…

  8. I just hope open world games doesn’t lower the resolution like ubisoft did
    with the ps4 version of assassin creed unity the game looks awesome like a
    cross between dead rising and mirrors edge with a open world of zombies.

  9. nice video! excuse me guys but i wanna to understand when i create more
    save game, for example slot 1 2 and 3! because i have a brother! and i want
    to play a difference story mod in another save game! ;) sorry for my
    english i’m italian! thx !!!!

  10. Hi I can’t watch the vid. It is forbidden in my country. Dunno why. I just
    want to ask if you play campaign will the multiplayer occur?. I mean just
    like H1Z1. anyone please?

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