1. You make this look so easy!! Dammit everytime I try it ends up looking like
    a hair poo on my head haha! Guess I need more practise…

  2. Thanks Judy for filming this for us :D this is my go to when I am lazy at
    home <3 oh, and btw I remember you telling us that you'll be cutting your
    hair, do you already know which hairstyle you're looking forward to? :D 

  3. Love the tutorial Judy! & this doesn’t relate to the video but whenever you
    wear that sweater you always look super pretty. I think blue suits you very
    well (:

  4. Thank you, i always want to know how you do those awesome buns!
    If yall are looking for new youtubers check me out
    *Help me reach 5k subs*=)

  5. Could you do a review on the L’oreal liquid foundation and liquid concealer
    please?! Btw loved the messy bun <3

  6. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Love this !!!

  7. Is this a goodbye video for your long hair? lol it will grow back in no
    time :) can’t wait to see tutorials with your new hair length!! pretty as
    always Judy <3

  8. Seems like when beauty gurus do “quick” or “messy” hair tutorials they
    always end up messing it up more than they usually do to try and show
    people just how effortless it is

  9. Love it Judy!! so easy to do and I am 56 and my hair is long, but not as
    thick anymore, and so easy to do for some like me with arthritis too…not
    to brag, but I have been doing this for years..I guess it is in style
    now..go figure :) 

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