1. It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Enjoy this super simple and romantic look, it
    takes no time to create. And I threw in some of my favorite dresses from
    Bebe for V-Day, let me know which one you like best!! :) xx

  2. I love how you used a brand cheaper than normal. It’s awesome to get to see
    from a MUA which brands are good and worth using. You should do more of a
    mix like this! Thanks, Def going to try and recreate. Xoxox

  3. I was watching a movie with my friend one day and was super surprised that
    you were in it. It was something about high school and I recognized u
    instantly. Lol very cute. 

  4. so happy to see you use drugstore makeup! i think my favourite look has to
    be that silver dress, you look absolutely stunning.

  5. I’m so glad I’m not a girl because if I was I’d steal all your clothes and
    decor so fast you don’t even know. Gorgeous as always! 

  6. The shots of the dresses were amazing the effort you put into the quality
    of your videos aswell as your blog makes me so excited to see all your

  7. again a very simple, fast and glam tutorial thanks teni Happy Valentines
    Day, i’ll pick the black dress, and i think you should pick that one cause
    you look so glam.

  8. You have such beautiful features, Teni! Love the soft, but not too pink
    look! It works perfect for V Day! And…all the dresses are gorgeous. The
    silver one is probably my fave! XOXO

  9. Very pretty Teni,I liked the silver dress the best, but they were ALL very
    pretty…YOU look GORGEOUS, as always…!! BTW, I appreciate that you used
    some less expensive makeup products in the tutorial, as I am a poor college
    student, so i cannot ALWAYS afford expensive makeup…lol….!! 

  10. I wish I had the money to buy those absolutely adorable and gorgeous
    dresses…:( Anyway, loved the video! You are so gorgeous and should
    seriously become a model! Much love and support from me!!!<3

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