1. This look is absolutely stunning! I am in that weird and unruly stage of
    growing out my hair and I am about to the point of chopping it all back off
    so I needed some new ideas! Will be trying this out!

  2. Love the hair! My hair is fine too, and it looks different every time I do
    something with it, even if I do exactly the same steps! Like my winged

  3. ahhh I love this. I wish my hair would hold curl :( I’ve tried everything,
    like second, third, even 4th day hair, tried with loads of hairsprays,
    techniques etc.. Nothing works. :( By the time I’ve curled one side and I’m
    curling the other side of my head, the first side has dropped completely.

  4. Beautiful hair, I love these colours on you. Could you please do a in-depth
    video on how you do your winged liner? My eye shape is very similar to
    yours and I find it difficult to get the wing right so that the crease
    doesn’t ruin it.

  5. You’re looking stunning Cora. Have you lost a little weight? Your arms seem
    slimmer! Can we have an update lifestyle video? xx

  6. When you brushed the pink and orange pieces back on the parted side of the
    hair and just the red showed, my brain instantly thought of Joan

  7. Bitch, yes! I love it so much. I wish my hair wasn’t down to my butt, I
    would rock this look everyday. Love it and you

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