1. Everything you do is amazing! But I would really love to see different
    colors other then peachy or orangee colors… Maybe like yellows or purples
    … Pretty please!?

  2. “My eyebrows are super angry today but whateeevvsss”
    Your videos are SO refreshing! You’re effortlessly beautiful but down to
    earth, and you don’t try to be perfect or cover up mistakes. I LOVE THAT! I
    don’t to watch tutorials from girls that can’t admit that eyeliner is hard
    and sometimes you stumble upon looks you weren’t planning on doing. I’m a
    new subscriber!! :) 

  3. Yay for warm tones! So many people have been doing cool tones lately, so I
    miss the warm tone loving!!!! LOVING this look!
    It’s absolutely gorgeous, as you are!

  4. I feel like you and Nicole Guirerro are the same person! U guys both use
    the same products, have te same hair, same techniques as brushes for
    makeup, and u both dance a little during ur vids.

  5. Hi guys my name is Ana I just wanted to ask for a few minutes of your time
    to go and check out my YouTube channel I have made some fun makeup
    tutorials that I hope u guys enjoy

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