1. It’s fascinating to see the detail you add to such tiny creations. You’re
    truly amazing! We’ve learned a lot from watching your videos. You’re one of
    our favorite channels. Thank you for sharing.

  2. My sisters and I love your tutorials ! I have a request could u please make
    something mario themed ?!? It would make me and my sisters so happy:) 

  3. These are so cute!
    I love peeps ill make them when i start my candy project
    Thanks for showing us how to do these cut miniatures! :) 

  4. Just what I was looking for! It’s weird. I was just searching the interwebs
    and my favorite youtube just uploads what I need! Thanks! :D 

  5. You are very talented and pretty I love to watch your vids I am just a
    beginner at polymer clay but I still like to watch more advanced things
    like your amazing artwork 

  6. The things that are simple to u are so hard for me I don’t think im patient
    enough lol but as always amazing tutorial!

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