1. +Koefodicus XVII I wish you had your YouTube settings so that I could
    actually reply to your comment. But you said “Dear women: DON’T WEAR
    MAKEUP! I know this is a tutorial for things like cosplay, but you guys
    don’t need makeup to be beautiful.” And I just wanted to say you have no
    right to police women on what they do or do not wear. Girls, if you wanna
    wear makeup, you go for it. OF COURSE you don’t need makeup to be
    beautiful, that goes without saying!! But that’s not the POINT of makeup.
    It’s not for getting guys to like you or find you beautiful, it’s to make
    you feel good. To express yourself and creativity and make you look how YOU
    want to look. So you do you, chicas.

  2. Flawless voice acting :D Staying in character the whole way through really
    made this video’s quality skyrocket! Much love Brizzy <3

  3. You definitely do the best cosplay tutorials on Youtube. Just the extent
    you go into them makes it worth the while. I mean, you crazy talented! That
    + a great cosplay character and tutorial just makes an awesome video!
    Thanks for being awesome, Brizzy! ^-^

  4. Brizzy I love your effort that you put into your videos and you put so much
    humor into this. Keep it up! ❤️

  5. yaaaassssss this is amazing Brizzy! The v/o is really good too! Where did
    you get the costume and wig? Love you and your videos! xXx

  6. Are you gonna do the Harry Potter puppet pals video yet? Because in your
    Harry Potter impressions video you said you would do it! And also I would
    love to see that!

  7. WOAHHHHH I looked at the thumbnail and you looked a bit like lady gaga 0w0
    great look and I loooove the voice over xD 

  8. If someone gave me the option of shooting myself in my dominate had or
    putting glue stick in my eyebrows, I’d probably be a leftie right now.

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