1. Covergirl breaks my heart! I LOVE the formulas of their Ready, Set Gorgeous
    and Outlast Stay Fabulous foundations, but they both oxidize HORRIBLY on
    me, and the RSG foundation made the pores on my cheeks look massive and
    looked like it was flaking off or something. I have pretty oily skin, and
    have NEVER had a dry patch, so I don’t know why that was happening, but I
    wish they worked for me! This search for a foundation that doesn’t oxidize
    on me is going to make me broke! >.<

    ANYWAY, amazing look, Sharon! You look so fresh and awake, and pink lips
    look BEAUTIFUL on you! Lovely video!

  2. I saw Ellie Goulding in the title and I majorly had to watch. I think you
    did an amazing job and this look is spot on on what Ellie’s signature look

  3. Oh goodness, that glowy highlighter is insanely beautiful! I don’t think
    I’ve ever seen such a natural + soft highlight. The skin is spot on. I will
    have to give that CG Foundation another shot, I wasn’t head over heels for
    it the first time I used it but your skin looks flawless with it.

  4. I’m so glad you made this tutorial!!! Ellie Goulding’s signature look is
    very interesting to me. The glowy simplicity of it and the softness. Thank
    you for putting these steps together, Sharon!

  5. I am a huge Goulddigger and I would say this is pretty damn accurate.
    Except Ellie always uses liquid liner… she does her own makeup a lot too
    so girl knows what she’s doing :)
    Never get tired of Ellie or you! I can play Ellie all day and watch your
    videos all day. You’re both my favourites!

  6. Seriously the mark of a makeup artist because naturally you look nothing
    like Ellie, but in your Q&A before you even mentioned it I thought you guys
    had a likeness! But it’s totally just the makeup! I had to go through your
    instagram and do a comparison to remind myself that you actually don’t look
    like her! Fabulous job 

  7. Sharon you are, by far, THE BEST makeup artist on utube. u should have
    millions of suscribers. your my absolute favourite in evwey way.your skill,
    personality, just everything. my dream is for u to do my makeup when u move
    back to Dublin XXXX

  8. Hi Sharon!! I was wondering if you could do a makeup look inspired on the
    character Rowena from the TV show supernatural. Her makeup is beautiful and
    I feel like you guys have similar eye shapes. Anyways I just thought that
    her makeup was beautiful and i want to try to recreate I but I would love
    to see how you did it I hope you at least look at her makeup because I
    think it’s amazing!! I love you and you are awesome!!!

  9. Haha you made me laugh when you cut to the next shot and said ‘BORING!’
    Don’t hear many beauty gurus say that in their own videos, you crack me up.
    Such a beautiful, natural, wearable look! Looooooved it!x

  10. I am sorry but your video is breaking up quite a few times. Stop start.
    Can’t watch it because of that. All your other videos were ok just this

  11. You look so lovely. You’re so incredibly talented. I’d love to attend a
    masterclass with you, or have you do my makeup. i’m a makeup artist myself,
    but I still learn so much for you. You’re by far one of the most talented I
    watch on youtube. There’s loads I watch who have great skill, but a lot of
    their looks are very … samey but with different colours. (gorgeous but
    not much variety). argh I don’t know how to explain all this very well.

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