1. once again you have completely blown my mind with your talents!!!!! <3
    Congrats on 1 million love!!! You definitely deserve it!

  2. I love how you make everything seem so simple! I absolutely love everything
    you create but your complete understanding of shading and highlighting just
    leaves me stunned! I’m convinced you can create absolutely anything, you’re
    fantastic Lex! 

  3. the really light foundation you used at the start, what brand & shade is
    it? (couldn’t find it anywhere in the description, sorry!)

  4. Congrats on the 1 million subs! You’re amazing and very talented. You
    deserve it! I wanna make a request, could you do somethin league of legends
    related? They have a lot of champions that have incredible make up. And I
    think Jinx would be awesome for you to try! Love your videos. Keep doing
    them as long as you can! You rock

  5. The characters you create with your makeup are always sooo cool to look
    at!! Your work is amazing!!! :’D I also can’t get enough of your voice ahh.
    Watching your videos really calms my anxieties, so thank you very much for
    that!! :’)

  6. if any one has see the Last installment of the Hobbit movies, the evil-ness
    of this Emerald queen kind of reminds me of the Dragon sickness of the
    Hobbit like shes blinded and completely obsessed with her wealth.

  7. Hey lex! Love the video and congrats on 1 million! I have a question,
    whenever you body paint on your neck and chest, what top do you wear? I’m
    extremely curious! xo

  8. Lex you literally amaze me! I’ve been watching you for sooo long now
    & you still continue to blow me away with everything you do! congrats again
    on 1 million!! so proud! keep it up! :3

    p.s. wayy to excited for the eyeliner!

  9. I can never figure out what Lex is saying when she says all products
    shsjhsbsksnsksnsjxns somewhere around the video… HAHAHAH

  10. I think “lime green” didn’t sound like a word because you said “lime greem”
    I may have misheard but I’m pretty sure haha 

  11. Can you actually see in those contacts? Good lord they look so
    uncomfortable!! >.<

    PS: LOVE this character, awesome job on it ♥

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