1. WoW!!! Going to the comments is so depressing! Theres so much negativity!!
    “I don’t like the colour” “i don’t like your hair” ” you always do the same
    looks” Jeez people get over it! If you were true fans you wouldn’t care
    what look she does or what hair colour she has you would just be happy that
    she posted!!! 

  2. This look is really breathtaking. God that sounds corny. Its amazing. The
    whole time I was thinking: she could stop after ANY of the steps and it
    would still be a perfect look.

  3. I’ve been looking for the perfect light pink blush forever and when you
    showed the makeup geek spellbound blush i literally went “yeeeeesss bitch”
    out loud. ugh i have problems 

  4. I don’t want to sound rude but this red colour in your hair doesn’t suit
    you at all, the one you used to have its perfect, you look way better….
    I’m being honest sorry. 

  5. You are such an inspiration i love this look!!! And i love your hair i need
    so badly to know what color you used! I hope you will see this! :D :D 

  6. Can you do a video on what are your basic mua lit for when you do clients
    makeup and photo shoots and stuff like that. I know you dont really do that
    ajymore but what did you used to take with you all the time on jobs.

  7. This look is seriously jaw-dropping! It’s absolutely stunning! Also, just
    have to throw out that Feb 5th is my wedding anniversary. Whenever I hear
    that date I just melt a bit inside and it catches my attention, such a
    silly little thing…

  8. I’m having the WORST customer service with MORPHE and the palette I
    received was broken. I waited almost a month for a broken palette? 

  9. WOOOOOOOOOW!!! When you put on that smashbox spray you looked
    whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite!!! is it
    just me? But you still look gorgeous as always… this makeup look is
    giving me LIFE!!!

  10. Thank you thank you so much for doing this tutorial! I love Makeup Geek
    foiled shadows and can’t get enough of the tutorials using them. Please do

  11. Hey, I had a question. How come you didn’t use black eye shadow/liner
    whatever as a base under the colour. You had done so in the purple eye
    shadow tutorial and as far as I remember you said it makes the colour pop
    even more..? .. Can it only be used under certain colours? just totally

    And of course love you and all your videos! 

  12. I have the opposite problem you have cause my face and my arms are much
    darker than my neck and my chest and i hate it cause i dont want to look
    pale by buying a lighter foundation to match my neck i wanna look the same
    color as my arms and face but not looking like i have a mask on. Can you
    give me any advise ?

  13. Did makeup geek raise their prices? I just looked and now their eyeshadows
    are $5.99, but I thought Jaclyn said they were $2? Idk if I’m thinking of
    another brand or not.

  14. when are you going to do a video with your palette??? :( ((((((( we are
    waiting ! lol but seriously why not? i know im not the only one who got
    hype when i seen the green shadow on you in my subscriptions . i was like
    yes finally she used the palette! </3

  15. I know that is isn’t your problem love, but I’ve been trying to preorder
    your pallette from morphe with no success. I there any way that you could
    leave a link to the pre order site? If not I understand, have a great
    weekend :) 

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