1. I wish Erin and Chad have a P.O. Box!!! I would so love to mail you staple
    makeup brushes :) even some makeup items!

    Great work!

  2. May I give you a tip I was given 30 years ago and it’s worked !!! Instead
    of rubbingyour eyes from the centre out with creams concealers etc gently
    rub or dab the opposite way and it doesn’t damage the very sensitive skin
    cells underneath which cause wrinkles !! Now your young and very beautiful
    so you may as well stay that way as long as poss !!! God bless :) x

  3. Hello Ms. Erin! I am about 10 years older than you but really enjoy your
    videos. The Lord has truly blessed you with talent, beauty, and a heart to
    live for Him. I would love to see you do more videos…especially one on
    your skin care routine…what you use to remove makeup etc. Thank You for
    sharing ;) 

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