Everyday Makeup Tutorial Using DRUGSTORE MAKEUP | My Favorite Products & Tips

Have you seen my last video? “Night Time Skincare Routine! Rosacea / Sensitive / Oily Skin” http://youtu.be/B3-4JhKpfso Hair color: Loreal preference in lush cherry (used 2 bottles) and also…


  1. Hiiiiiiiii loves!!!! I have had so many requests for a drugstore makeup
    look and also an everyday look. Keep in mind you don’t have to do ALL of
    these steps, but i figured for this video, i would do them for you! I also
    show you different products that have had my heart lately! Hopefully this
    helps some of you out or gives you ideas on new products to try. If you
    liked the video, please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe &
    share!! I love you SOOOO MUCH and ill see you in a couple of days! :) 

  2. Girl, try the ELF eyelid primer! It’s literally like… 1 or 2$ I think and
    I have the oiliest eyelids (and skin) of LIFE and it is the only thing I
    have found that will keep my eyeshadow in place! My eyeshadow seriously
    does not budge all day, it’s awesome stuff.

  3. I accidentally bought that same mascara in waterproof too… I hate
    waterproof too! I used it and it’s ok, but I wish it wasn’t waterproof…

  4. Casey I am one of your “older” subscriber (36 not to old..lol) but I have
    to say I absolutely love you! And OMG your new daughter is soooo beautiful!
    Almost as beautiful as my 2 legged daughter…lol. I have always been a
    animal lover I am the one who cannot go to pet stores or human society
    cause I will leave with everyone…not joking…. I didn’t think I could
    have children me and my now ex husband had been dating since I was 13 (no
    I don’t recommend that for anyone) we got married when I was 21 I got
    pregnant on our honeymoon five months later I went into preterm labor our
    son Cameron was born weighing 12 oz and was 10 in long he passed away 2
    hours later, (this has nothing to do with your video I know) I went through
    years and years of infertility sadly never got pregnant. So instead I got 2
    dogs a dorkie (can we talk about it) he was a dachshund and yorkie mix
    named Brutus and 2 yes after I got him I got a beagle named woody (I livein
    Ohio I am a huge buckeye fan Hense my dogs names… Four years ago i
    welcomed a human child named Ryley ( i feel she is my miracle had her late
    in my life but wouldnt change it) my Brutus man passed away in April of
    2014 he was only 10 he had health problems but I have to say I feel like I
    barried another real child! When people say dogs are animals not people let
    me say they have never lost a real child I unfortunately have lost both I
    miss my boys (human and dog). Sorry this is a all over the place comment
    but I love how much in love you are with your babies! Congrats mommy! I
    love seeing them in the back of your videos…a home is not a home without
    animals. Thank you so much for giving that beautiful girl a loving home!
    Since you are moving into a home you will have plenty of room to add on to
    your family…..love what you do

  5. She is soooooooooooooooooooo cute! I have 4 dogs (I had 5, but one of my
    babies passed away after christmas), if I had more space I would have more,
    they make my life so much better! <3

  6. I’ve not been able to find the WnW lipstick in Fergie Daily- if you have it
    where’d you get it? Maybe it’s just not in my area?

  7. Casey I know your problem! I have really oily eyelids as well which I find
    kinda weird because I have really dry skin! But anyways I LOVE using the
    elf eyelid primer! It’s nude so it cancels out veins and its the perfect
    consistency, plus it’s only a dollar! That with my Maybelline color tattoo
    in inked in pink keep my eyeshadow on for hourssss!

  8. Rose is awesome! I love that you love doggies…warms my heart that they
    have a nice home :) BTW. I have oily eyelids, not extremely but i always
    crease. I stopped using my Lorac eye primer and now use NYX HD Eyeshadow
    Base. I never crease and my shadow doesn’t budge! Hope that helps 

  9. A great dupe for the Mac paint pot is maybelline 24hr in barley branded I
    and normal to combo eye lids and I swear by it I’m on my 3 jar of it

  10. Nyx Eye Shadow Base in skin tone is where it’s at for me on eye lid
    primers~ I also use it under the eyes for a little extra concealing, keeps
    everything in place and doesn’t crease- I have the white one as well and
    I’ve found that it creases in weird spots and my mascara rubs off on it..
    not cute. Also.. we totally went to middle school together, you may not
    remember me, this may be weird, haha idk, just wanted to say Heeeeey girl,
    I see you! I think it’s so awesome that you’re doing this, and clearly love
    what you do! XO

  11. I loved this video so much! It was really nice to see you do a full makeup
    look with drugstore products! Makes it super relatable! And it looked
    really amazing! Definitely going to have to check out these products! I
    also loved all the tips and tricks you mentioned! Super helpful! : ) 

  12. Heyy guys!! We love beauty and lifestyle videos! We have a spanish beauty
    channel and we’re just starting but I promise you’ll love them! Check them
    out! Thanks for the support!! 

  13. You frigggggiiinnnn have to go try the eyeshadow by nyx in dance the
    tides!!!!!!! Ahhhmmmaaazzzziiinnnngggg it’s the orange brown shade you
    love!!!!!! It’s so pigmented !!!!!!!!! I’m getting excited for you to get
    excited about possibly trying it!!!!!!!! (It’s part of their nude Matte
    shadow line)

  14. Oh my lord casey im so happy you rescued little Rose. I have 4 dogs myself
    and it is a fullllllll time job doing it hahahahah Congrats on the new
    addition to your family and cant wait to see her walk around the back of
    the rest of your videos hahaha

  15. I have the oilest skin of life lol! Sadly i still haven’t found a
    foundation to help me with my problem, but for my eyelids the Too Faced
    lemon drop shadow insurance works heavenly!! I highly recommend it for the
    girls out there who have the same struggle as me(:

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