“Exo Zombies” – FULL EASTER EGG – Complete Guide/Tutorial (Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Easter Egg)

“Exo Zombies” – FULL EASTER EGG – Easter Egg Complete Guide/Tutorial (Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Easter Egg) ☢ Exo Zombies Easter Egg Guide ▻ http://youtu.be/vmVtuN-ZX5E ☢ Exo …


  1. “Exo Zombies” – FULL EASTER EGG – Complete Guide/Tutorial!! We worked and
    worked and worked some mor and after about 36 hours, we’ve made it! Here is
    every. single. step. of the ‪#‎AdvancedWarfare‬ ‪#‎ExoZombie‬ Easter Egg!
    I’m proud to say my team and I were the first to complete the Easter Egg as
    a duo team. Please show your support and leave a comment if you need help
    with any step!! I wanna help you all complete it as well smile emoticon
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmVtuN-ZX5E ‪#‎CallofDuty‬

  2. I dont get how people find these, like this easter egg, complicated, yes,

  3. Is there a bank in this game so you can deposit your points i heard there
    was but i cant find any bank location video

  4. If ur on xbox 360 and need help, message/friend “Mr klutz54″. U dont need
    to know the steps, as long as u can follow directions

  5. How do u get zombies for Advanced Warfare??

    Is there a date it comes out or
    Do I have to buy a DLC Pack on the store… But I dont see it Bruh! 

  6. Am I just being stupid or does it seem to simple. there’s more key pads and
    doors that definitely seem like they would open. I think this is a false
    egg to send people off track has there been confirmation from sledgehammer
    saying this is the Easter egg ? If so it seems very pointless and you get
    no perks ect. Let me no what you think

  7. I posted this on noahs channel but I please ppl dont hate mcsportzhawk he
    did good and if our wondering if this is the end it is not! Because no one
    has completed the full easter egg with 4 players ! I’m hyped well thats my
    opinion ! Ty and great vid Mcsportzhawk !

  8. Dude thank you soo much for posting this I was actually thinking about a
    easter egg before this came out. Omg this is awesome I’m defenintly gonna
    try to get this with my friends thank you again and have a good day! See

  9. Comment if you would like to do this with me all my friends have no
    skill:(Xbox360 gt:UMANisAWSOME(purposely spelled AWSEOME wrong)

  10. Wait wait so if I’m playing and it’s 2 players and the characters are oz
    and decker you can grab the other characters cards?

  11. Can’t goto 2nd map cuz it’s not downloaded but maybe when it is it’ll
    change n if not probs just cuz thts what happens in the video 

  12. I get the first easter egg but there is still the wrench in the wall and
    the drill plus when you here the music from the wrench it is the same as
    when the #1 easter egg is complete. This has to have some corilation no?
    Where do we go from here!?!?!

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