1. I know it’s an amazing piece of music, but was anyone else hoping for music
    from Kevin sherwood and Elena siegeman? 

  2. You whined for zombies and they have given it to you. Now it’s here you cry
    like little children because it was copied and you didn’t like it. God,
    this community is trash, always has been.

  3. It’s awful watching CoD AW. Great copy of Titanfall & Destiny, shame they
    copied Treyarch.

    Hopefully this November, the real zombies will be back

  4. Hey guys! My dream is to one day build a fan base and inspire people the
    same way Tom inspires me. If anyone could take a moment to check me out it
    could change my whole life! Thank you <3

  5. I bet the ones complaining that the song sucks expected some rap music or
    Kanye West bullcrap, because as we all know those annoying assholes who
    blare their horrible taste in music through the mic.

  6. Can anyone make me an outro? Im kind of a noob to editing and such, im
    looking for an outro where i can put my twitter and last video preview,

  7. I guess they’d rather pay copyright to use it than make their own songs.
    But what would you do the song about anyway ? All the Treyarch songs went
    with the story line 

  8. If you guys don’t understand what Syndicate was refering to at the
    beginning when he said “Hello tutorial heads”. Look up alan tutorials. I
    recommend not starting with his latest videos. Start at the beginning or
    halfway through otherwise you will be scared and confused. 

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