1. Best brows on YT goes tooo ! Love this thank you for sharing ! I think you
    did a vid on your waxing routine a while ago but I’d love to see an update
    if you have time ! and the makeup is fresh the death as usual ! You go
    Steph ❤️

  2. You are very lucky to have dark brows, I have very fine light brows makes
    it hard to make them look natural. I will try this see how my brows will
    look hopefully they can get some definition. 

  3. It’s crazy how important brows are now! I remember when I was a teenager
    and I never filled in my brows. What was I thinking!

  4. My Eyebrows Are like My Worse Enemies. Lol I Was never Blessed With Nice
    Eyebrows. Mine Are Thin && Sparse. && If I Let them Grow In They Do Just
    not Where They need To (makes sense)? Lol Thank God For Brow Products !!

  5. I seriously think you are one of the prettiest girls on YouTube! I’m so
    jealous of your eyes! And of course your brows are on point :) 

  6. Why do I feel like I haven’t seen a video by you in months?!!! Glad you did
    this video, brows are killer. Beautiful as alwayssss x

  7. I find it so weird that I’ve never had to fill my brows. I’m almost jealous
    of that makeup step! I always used to get picked on for my thick eyebrows,
    now everyone attempts to create them with makeup! 

  8. Oh, girl my brows are hell! They’re full, but like full to the max!!!! Very
    thick! Then the hairs of my brows are curly. Like instead of them just
    laying down finely they would be all curled up so I would take a tad bit of
    gel to slick them back, but that rarely ever last. Then it’s the same with
    my lashes. I never wear falsies because mines are just as long, thick, and
    curly. They too cause havoc for me! It’s crazy.

  9. After ive been filling in my brows ive been feeling as if im losing my brow
    hairs, not a lot but I think some. is this happening to anyone else?

  10. Goodness, your eyes are crazy! If I poked them with a needle a beautiful
    blue ocean would like flow out of your eye sockets. Haha. 

  11. I’ve never really worried about doing my brows too much because mine are
    blonde so i usually just get them timted and shaped every couple-few
    months. So the last couple of months I’ve started to pay attention to doing
    them a bit more. Im not a huge fan of overly drawn brows, so i find it a
    bit difficult since mine are naturally so light!

  12. I wish I could do my own brows… I haven’t been happy with my brow shape
    in a really long time, but I don’t trust myself to wax them on my own.
    Plucking only lasts like 3 days on me too, my hair in general grows like
    grass. :( yours look awesome, even natural! Perfect for no makeup days haha

  13. I agree with you about not letting anyone else touch my brows. I’m the only
    person I trust to do my brows. The last time someone else did my brows, I
    felt like she raped my face. Seriously. She took a pair of scissors to my
    bow hairs and left me with pencil thin brows. Thanks. But no thanks Ulta
    Benefit Brow Bar. You can have your so called brow experts 

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