1. Your hair is looking so long and beautiful Fleur! It looks a lot like your
    hair when I first started watching you years ago!

    I also have a small channel and I’d be over the moon if anyone wanted to
    take a look :) x

  2. Wow, so many amazing tips, and most of them don’t exclusively apply to
    festivals either! Thanks for another great video! You look gorgeous!

  3. You look SO beautiful with this eye makeup! I’m a blonde too and I find it
    quite hard to wear darker colours, but this video really inspired me to
    give it another go :) definitely want to get the Bourjois CC cream, it
    looks amazing! Congratulations on all of your success Fleur, you were one
    of the first YouTubers I started watching ‘religiously’ and it’s amazing to
    see how much you’ve achieved :) I’ve also been inspired to start a channel
    of my own if you like discovering smaller YouTubers, it’d mean the world.
    Thank you for everything! :) x


    I know this is annoying but would any of you be willing to check out my
    chan.? It would mean a lot to me if you'd give me a chance!!!! :) <3

  5. Jeez, has festival time rolled round again? Seems only two minutes ago that
    I was being crushed by drag queens in huge blonde wigs as I slurred the
    words to 9 to 5 at Dolly’s set at Glastonbury.

  6. I went to reading last year and trust me anyone going this year you will
    NOT want to be wearing this much makeup if you’re camping!! If you’re
    staying in a hotel (which very few people do) wear as much as you want, but
    doing your makeup in a tent can get pretty messy! You’ll wake up feeling a
    bit gross and super tired and you will not be in the mood to mess around
    with face makeup and eyeliner and eyeshadow and stuff! I usually wear quite
    a lot of makeup but at festivals I just put on some concealer, powder,
    brows and mascara!

  7. Anyone know of some good drugstore eyebrow pencils that I can get in
    America? I can’t get max factor here. Thanks :) 

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