1. great… now let us save them on UT. remember all values and do this in
    every single game is pointless. ignoring the 30 seconds as well

  2. can someone explain to me what is wrong with the servers?? all i ever see
    is fix the servers blah blah blah. ive never once had a problem with them
    except when they perform maintenance on them????

  3. These sliders are a pretty big joke. A slider that determines the frequency
    of shoots towards goal? Normally a human player decides that and not a
    cursor? And in CPU Vs. CPU, these sliders have no effect! :-@

  4. L1 Triangle Destroyed this game

    EA Sports Please, please. Make L1 Triangle in Manual control

    EA Sports L1 Triangle Destroyed this game from FIFA14 and now This problem
    has become too big

    EA Sports no AUTO L1 Triangle IN FIFA16 Please

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  6. Is there a way i can get both cbs to go up for corners, or just switch the
    cb going up? Right now benatia goes up for me, whilst toty ramos doesnt…

  7. wow i thought passing set to risky was in the box not over the top trough
    balls so i had it on safe cause i though inside the box oh well 

  8. every time I go to a new online game in FUT mode custom tactics is set to
    default and never saved my previous settings. please fix that

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