1. It would be nice if the shirt tug foul happened outside the box as well. I
    swear the only time it ever happens is in your own box, it’s scripted like
    hell to give the opponent a penalty.

  2. omg just won a milion games because of this. These are really pro tips like
    tackle someone who is close to you. Really helped me out i always tackle
    when no one is around me. A suggestion for next video is how to fix fifa

  3. How to defend: Don’t press to tackle an opponent in the penalty area……
    I swear, when the ref isn’t trying to get a touch of the ball himself…
    he’s giving out fouls and cards for perfectly legitimate tackles. Just an
    all out prick really.

  4. WOW EA really! All you really have to do to defend is Park the bus and
    don’t touch the controller! that’s how fucked your game is… 

  5. Well it’s not my fault when I perfectly time a slide tackle in the box and
    the ref gives a penalty. Like at 1:14. That’s a penalty about 70% of the
    time. Bullshit EA

  6. yet I concede the most RIDICULOUS goals (rebounds, stupid one player run
    all over my team) because of the stupid positioning of the defenders and
    when fouled in the box no penalty is given. FIX YOUR GAME YOU CUNTS!!!

  7. I needed these tricks! Thanks :D i always used to tackle… But never knew
    how to defend when a winger shoots! (To a striker)

  8. Do career mode please, there is over 1 million people who play career mode
    and most of them said ‘if you dont change career mode then im moving to pes
    untill they change it
    we want:
    5 best leagues sponsored
    create stadiums or update them
    just like in nba animations(cutseens)
    create your own team

  9. Why ea did the stupidly bad patch Which made FIFA 15 a good fun game into a
    boring 2.0 version of FIFA 14. People where struggling to defend. The fact
    you had to make this video shows how bad that patch was. So so stupid ea.
    but GJ as long as you’re earning millions it’s all good 

  10. 1. Kompany when attempting a header: Jumps, falls down and gives the 71
    rated ST a chance to score against Courtois. Oh, and he scores
    2. Leighton Baines slows for seconds before chasing the through ball,
    opponents gets the ball, crosses and you know what happens next.
    3. Defenders clear the ball, lands perfectly on opponents feet. 

  11. The fouls that are given for literally nothing proves how bad the system
    is. If both you and your opponent don’t even know where the foul is and yet
    its still called, the EA you have a problem.

  12. Your game was better before patch because I’m a player that likes to do
    quick short pass and moves and it used to be much better before the patch.

  13. Oh so there are people at EA who know what tracking a run is? Well tell
    them to program the defensive AI to do it then… 

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