1. FIFA 15 gameplay tutorial: How to Score Penalties. Where to place them,
    different penalty types and tips on how to save them! 

  2. I’ve noticed this quiet often. It is really easy to save penalties. All you
    need to do is look at takers face gesture and legs. If his legs are
    straight but he is looking to the right, he is probably heading for
    straight. If his legs are faced left but he is looking right, you know he
    will go for left side and vice versa.

  3. I wait for a complete new career mode until i will buy a fifa game again..
    EA is using the same career mode since years by changing only unimportant

  4. You’ll score almost every pen down the middle and above the keeper… The
    opponent needs to press up to save it but they never do, they just stand

  5. “Guess the right side and hopefully you will save it” That doesn’t help at
    all EA, there should be some footwork movement to see where will the ball
    be placed. Such a bad tutorial on how to save them. 

  6. EA don’t half make themselves look stupid. They use Pelle in the vid as an
    example yet he’s left footed IRL but he’s right footed on fifa. The amount
    of small things they get wrong is pathetic. 

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