1. It’s amazing seeing how much she’s grown since The X Factor. She really
    came out of her shell and blossomed into this incredible young woman

  2. I know what she means keep sizzers away from younger siblings today my
    little sister was gonna play hair stylist she would just put clips on but
    she took real sizzers and cut my hair with them

  3. LOL people she might be a celebrity but she likes some cheap stuff! And I
    really like that cause I don’t c that in other celebrities other than Harry
    Styles shirts! Which I love and I love him 2

  4. What the?!! I had the same EXACT experience with ma hurr! My grandma cut my
    bangs & I didn’t like it so I cut it myself….#baldspot & we’re both
    Tongan?! & my name is Mary JANE!!! ?!?!! #longLostsister #scissorsister
    #sizzasizza #toomanyhashtags 

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