1. I really hope you don’t support 50 Shades of Grey and understand that it is
    a complete misinterpretation of the BDSM community; not only that, it is
    about an abusive relationship. 

  2. Just wanted to put this out there: you are one of the most under rated
    youtubers in the community. You have great editing/lighting skills and you
    are so effortless and yourself in front of the camera which is so hard to
    find. I hope you never stop making videos because I look forward to them
    every week. I think you have such a talent at makeup and I honestly
    wouldn’t be surprised if you were a famous makeup artist someday. You will
    forever be goals for me <3 love you

  3. That lip combination and technique is incredible!!!! It makes your lips
    look identical to ana’s lips in the movie. Love that swollen and plush

  4. Love your hair and this video but mostly you♡♡♡ Haae you gotten your burger
    and fries yet? I shipped them yesterday(;

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