1. Dulce can you help me out? I’m in desperate need of you and your subbies
    help. I’m in a contest to win a free honeymoon for me and my fiance. We
    would absolutely love to win this since we’ve had some major financial
    setbacks and times are a little tough right now. The winner is whoever
    gets the most amount of Facebook ‘likes’.
    I’ll include the link to my picture. If any of you could find it in your
    heart to like it, it would be so very much appreciated! Much love to you
    all from Canada! <3

  2. I applied at Mac and when I showed the mgr my portfolio, she randomly asked
    me, “you watch a lot of YouTube videos right?” Happily, im like “Yes!
    Why?!” She’s like “I can tell…” And gave my application to bring back.
    She wasn’t there anymore when I turned it in 10 mins later and never got a
    call back….. Hurt my feelings, damn lady :( but you’re right! Everyone
    gets better with practice! I’m good at makeup for not being a pro I must
    say so myself but it’s unfortunate others reject you without giving you the
    chance to grow… I bet she watches YT herself to have known.. :/
    #RandomRant sorry lol

  3. Why do you have 2 camera views? I watch your videos all the time, i think
    you should keep it to one camera during the video. Kinda all over the place
    when you showed something and we could only see was the side of your face
    :/ other than that the look was great!

  4. Dulce, where can I purchase the Dermablend foundation/concealer you were
    using? It looks so amazing and I feel like I would love it, btw what a
    beautiful look! ❤

  5. Your nose looks botched friend :/ the tip never got better. It’s too poofy
    at the tip and too pinched at the sides. You should probably get it fixed

  6. Beautiful dulce! I have a question to ask, do you think lash extensions are
    okay for someone with sensitive eyes? My mom has beautiful big eyes, but
    her eyelashes are small, and she wanted eye lash extensions.

  7. You make me wanna have lash extension! They just add that health look
    without any make up on ! and this look is very pretty! You look and sound
    really happy ! good for you <3
    I make beauty and fitness videos if you are interested!

    Anyone looking to colab ? 

  8. I love makeup and I do wear it everyday, the problem is girls in my school
    judge me for it, like having to much makeup or trying to pretty, while in
    reality I’m just trying to hide my ugliness. ..

  9. Love this. Omg filming a makeup tut. With 2 cameras can be a pain sometimes
    trying to make sure you’re in the frame and focused. Turned out really
    good!!!! Keep up the great work.

  10. ok so I use bb cream, powder, bronzer, mascara, and fill and shape my
    eyebrows everyday for school and I am constantly told that i wear too much
    makeup. tell me is that even alot? 

  11. love this look! beautiful as always :’) but why does her left eye look
    smaller than the other? or just different than her right eye? just

  12. Hi Dulce, i am loving your lip color. I have been loving purply berry
    colored lips they just look amazing. And i loved the message at the end and
    it is very true people can be so critical &harsh some times when make up is
    nothing permanent :) . I am loving your lashes they look so great and
    naturaly long. I wish i had longer lashes :) 

  13. I think you should try to contour with more of a taupe grayish shade, the
    ysl bronzer is very orange based. Shadows are naturally grayish, warmer
    colors warm up the face and give it a sunkissed look. I always use two
    different powders to get the best resault (warmer to bronze all over,
    cooler to contour). I don’t try to teach you or something, it’s just a
    suggestion to take your makeup one level up xxx

  14. This video is more than perfect. I loved it! And you can say that it’s
    because of the lights, fundation or concealer but your skin is really
    flawless, it looks so soft! 

  15. I just watched one of your vids from 2011 and you went from looking like
    Jessics Alba to looking like J-Lo!!! You are very pretty with and without
    makeup :) 

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