1. I actually had an AMAZING time doing this fashion event, and met some
    MICHELLE KIM (and see cute puppies) YOU GUYS CAN FIND THE VIDEO ON
    http://www.youtube.com/madeyewlooktwice! This video will be uploaded within the
    next couple of days! It has to go through an approval thing (you know, to
    make sure I know what Im doing.) The video will also be displaying her
    Fall/Winter 2015 collection, and talk about why she became a designer.
    Creativity comes in many, MANY forms.

  2. Hello, Madeyewlook! I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor and
    possibly help me ask my girlfriend to prom, you are her favorite youtuber
    and it would mean a lot to the both of us. This is my senior year and I
    want to make it special for this lovely lady whom I am able to call my
    Girlfriend! Even if you don’t want to please respond! Thanks!

  3. Reminds me of the All In A Golden Afternoon song from Alice In
    Wonderland…the whole flower scene. So pretty! And so different from your
    other looks

  4. Ive never been able to explain to anyone what the name of my exact
    favourite colour is.. But I JUST SAW IT! Pleaseee tell me what name of the
    colour (of you know) of the contacts that you use are… btw this whole
    video was gorgeous 

  5. I love how you interpreted the print and made it your own so creatively,
    it’s gorgeous!! Art has never really been a priority for me because I’m so
    busy and I don’t really have any supplies except a pencil lol, and
    sometimes I forget how passionate I can be about it and how refreshing and
    fulfilling of an escape it can be so I can’t thank you enough for inspiring
    me to make it a priority and do it as much as I can again, love you Lex!!! :) 

  6. That’s amazing! I love your videos and you have teached me a lot about
    makeup and your videos are just amazing! Your are litterally awesome and I
    would just love it if you could go around the world and make your own
    convention about makeup!

  7. Hi Lex,
    If you ever read this, I just wanted to say that I’ve been watching you for
    awhile now and every single one of your videos have inspired me. You are an
    incredible person and I hope you keep inspiring others for years to come.
    Keep being awesome!

  8. I’m not an artistic person and just have no interest in body painting but I
    love watching your videos!! This has to be the best one yet, pretty

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