1. Difference between Good Ending and Bad Ending is that in on Bad Ending
    their souls remain in the animitronics but in Good Ending their souls
    finally go to rest for eternity

  2. I am pretty sure fnaf 4 will happen. Mainly because in the normal ending it
    says “Bad ending.” but the good ending says “the end” almost as if it is
    half way through a sentence (It doesn’t have a full stop or a T) This
    doesn’t seem like something Scott would do by accident. Maybe it is
    something like “This is not the end yet”. But hey, that’s just a theory. A
    game theory.

  3. If Scott wants to make another game he would most likely make it after the
    normal ending… It said the place burned down for unknown reasons but
    parts and relics were salvaged… Who knows what the found… They said
    that most of the things in the are my be the real deal and the remains
    could be going up for auction. Not only that the new phone guy said that
    the attraction was built by one of the original builders… The recording
    of the old phone guy said that the builder made a secret rooms that the
    animatronics don’t normally go to and don’t show up on the floor plans…
    He later states that the extra rooms were sealed off with false walls and
    if there was anything in them after there seal the workers were crap out of
    luck getting them back… Besides one being a room for bleeding out and die
    away from everyone nobody knows what else is in those rooms… Who knows
    what nightmares that could of been in the rooms to be salvaged to be
    re-released into the world by someone who had a fascination in the
    events reading them in the news articles. And not to forget that there was
    a mention of a sister store that had suit malefactions before the phone
    guys… What happened to them… There is still to many thing that can
    still happen… Scotts work isn’t over yet…

    But this is just my opinion.

  4. I happen to have a theory on the mini games and the purple man’s death in
    the springtrap suit . so while playing the mini games , the puppet finally
    realized that he was just a pawn in the purple mans game so he decided to
    save these kids all the while redeeming himself , which leads up to the
    final mini game where the five spirits of the children that the purple man
    killed forced him into the springtrap suit , he laughed thinking he was
    safe , but WRONG as the all the animatronic devices sprung and blood
    spurted out . causing him to bleed out , the puppet knew his task was
    complete , and the rest was up to Freddy , Chica , Bonnie , Foxy , and
    Golden Freddy were finally free which leads into the good ending , thus the
    Horror attraction never opened and oddly burned to the ground . and the
    mini games as I said is the puppet redeeming himself for what he has done
    scaring the nightguards allowing the other animatronics to stuff said night
    guard into a spare freddy fazbear suit . Proof is in the pudding and the
    mini games plus the happiest day with the puppet delivering the cake and
    the five spirits getting there revenge on the purple man himself . 

  5. If there’s a sequel to FNAF 3, I think it’ll take place after the bad
    ending, where there souls aren’t freed to make it more interesting.

  6. I HATE all this stupid fan art of FNAF. People try to make it all cute, or
    change everyone into cats, or into ponies. To all you people who do that:
    STAY IN YOUR FAN GROUPS. Or at least 4chan… it was made for that stuff.

  7. I’m pretty sure Scott is done with the series. The lone Freddy hat on his
    page shows no ’4′ when brightened. (Any pictures you see otherwise are
    photoshopped, don’t buy it.) The kids are at rest now, and most evidence of
    the murders, even of the restaurants themselves, have burned. Putting
    anything past this point is pointless.

    While there is the possibility of the ‘beginning’ of the series, where
    things such as Spring Bonnie existed, it would be pretty dumb and just
    milking the series dry. Some things are best left to the interpretation of
    the fan. Scott has done just fine with three games, and has created a very
    fantastic story.

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