1. This is an original flourish by Sam Wheeler called Fold (2.0). The move
    started out as the first “seperation” display, and that came from Ian
    Chandler. This move is definitely on the more difficult side and it can be
    a bit tricky.

  2. Honestly not the best flourish I’ve ever seen but if you’re a beginner it’s
    worth learning and adding to your arsenal.

  3. Hey man. I was wondering if you could do some more pen spinning videos. I
    did pen spin 1 and 2 due to your videos and it would be nice to see more.
    Nice video too :) 

  4. I haven’t heard Sam’s voice since his very old tutorials.(he deleted
    them)Oh man his voice changed a lot!! It’s almost like a different person.
    I can’t believe it. Creative move and nice tutorial Sam. Keep it up.

  5. I’ve been a subscriber to you Sam for a long time and I’m glad I finally
    see a verbal tutorial from you haha! It’s a nice one as well. Good job! 

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