1. “I ask you… what is Doctor Frankenstein.. without.. his creature?” IF

  2. Is America just now getting Penny Dreadful? It’s a great show :) Awesome
    look! You should do Fenton’s look at some point :3 Crazy vampires, girl :B

  3. You don’t have much about Anime makeup (or any as far as I know) on your
    channel. I love your art and request that maybe you can do a makeup
    tutorial for someone from Death Note or Attack On Titan? (such as Ryuk from
    Death Note or a Titan from AOT)

  4. Bald cap ✓, rigid collodion scars ✓, air brush ✓, way to make me love you
    even more, Lex! What makeup were you using in the airbrush? :) 

  5. Dear person reading this,
    I just wanted to remind you that you’re important. You mean something and
    the world wouldn’t be the same without you. Someone wouldn’t have an
    amazing child, someone wouldn’t have a trusty friend, someone wouldn’t have
    their crush without you. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that you have
    a purpose in life but please never think you’re worthless.
    Spreading Smiles

  6. Funny but as I watched Sunday’s episode and watching the monster your face
    popped into my head. Just thought you could do his makeup and here you are
    doing just that. I’ve seen the monster look much worse or scarier in other
    Good job replicating the monster lil lady.

  7. This creature reminds me of myself when I was younger and trying to deal
    with my autism and struggled to “act normal”. I didn’t know how to act at
    first and always felt I needed to isolate myself from everyone. It’s
    definitely a struggle I wish I didn’t have to deal with but its ok because
    this channel is like my own little retreat of weirdness :) thanks for being
    so inspiring to me <3

  8. Hey Lex, for very small details like this video could you please zoom in a
    bit more so we can see better? It’s just a suggestion (: thanks for making
    such amazing tutorials <3

  9. OH MY GOD!!!! I love love looooove this tutorial! Pleeeease can you do a
    Teen Wolf look! For school, I am trying to organise an event where we dress
    up as our favourite TV show character and I have been trying to find a good
    quality Were-Jaguar and I know that if you do it it will be amazing!!!! :) 

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