1. If you love Frozen’s Elsa and her hairstyles, here’s another hair tutorial
    inspired by her looks. It’s a twisted updo, big messy fishtail braid and
    braided half up half down hairstyle. Which one do you like most? If you try
    out any of them, Show me your results on Instagram with @LilithMoonLife
    #LilithMoonHair :) 

  2. А ваши натуральные волосы выглядят сейчас как будто гуще и длиннее, правда
    что ли масло помогает Оо

  3. I like how you copied Elsa’s makeup for this!!! My fave was the braid
    because it’s the most wearable on my hair :) 

  4. I always love your hair totorial videoes. You’re so talented!
    I’ll try the updo, I hope my hair will be “workable”. :-D
    I can’t wait fir your next video. ^-^
    Btw. Could you make an “Anna inspired hairstyle” too? It’d be amazing. :-) 

  5. My friend is part of the sister duo for parties ad pics. I sent this to her
    for her friend who plays Elsa. You are so good with hair. 

  6. This is my other channel I’m Tony Louis from TONYLOUIS100 channel I’ve
    added you to my VIDEOGRAPHY channel because you make a great photographic
    subject as well as your masterful hair management styles.. Awesome video
    thanks for sharing. Incredible stuff

  7. I love all the versions! I hope I can do at least one of them because my
    bangs are so short… :/ Also, is your hair dyed or is it your natural
    colour?? Btw, I love your make-up :) 

  8. You come up with some of the cutest hairstyles. I love that you incorporate
    hair extensions. My hair is also fine. like yours. On my channel I have
    been adding more braid styles.

  9. I love the way the braid looks after it is tugged a bit but my hair comes
    right off the braid everytime I tug just a little..

  10. This one was oh So Pretty :) I just loved this one. I’m a huge fan of Elsa
    AND Anna and your’s too. I love all the hairstyles you teach and try them
    out. Thank you so much for this. #ThankYouLilithMoon 

  11. I love the make up in this video!!!

    Could you, if you have time, do Anna’s coronation hairstyle? If you have
    time :) if not i understand :) ps, i love your videos and I’m subbed to all
    your channels even though i just speak English and Russian. :) 

  12. OMG…. It was fabulous….. Seriously I love all ur hairstyles….. Bt
    unfortunately I have small hair so I can’t do this… So can u pls make a
    video for short step cut hairstyles…????? I’ll be waiting for ur
    Love u!!!! <3<3<3

  13. I am growing my hair out and your videos give me A lot of amazing
    inspirational ideas that Are awesome I can’t wait to try these out!!!

  14. Both my sister and I have waist length hair. She can braid anything with
    her eyes closed(like Lilith). Me…not so much. So when my sister visits,
    I show her Lilith’s video and say “I’d like this style for today”. We have
    a great time! Thanks Lilith!

  15. I love your accent! It reminds me of one of my previous managers who came
    to america as a refugee from Bosnia. She was the sweetest.

  16. this was surprisingly easy to follow one of the best tutorials I have ever
    seen. my braid turned out pretty great, thank you!!!!!

  17. Лилит опубликуй пожалуйста это видео на русско язычный канал,просто ты
    давно не добавляла туда видео,я каждую среду и субботу захожу на русско
    язычный канальи ничего,может ты прчтешь мою просьбу и выполнишь ее,хотя я
    не надеюсь на это,но все равно заранее спасибо!

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