1. Looking beautiful! I am loving the liner on you. Also just ordered like ten
    pairs of those lashes you showed, they are gorgeousss 

  2. You can slap mud on your face and would still look so beautiful! I’ll be
    visiting the states this summer after living abroad three years and I’m
    dying to get my NYX products, aside from IMATS where do you buy your NYX

  3. Aw, I always love the soft, laid back music you play during your talk
    overs, Kathleen. You don’t usually do the kind of makeup that I associate
    with dance or pop music. Different strokes, different folks I guess :) In
    any event, this look is so beautiful! 

  4. omg kathleen im SO glad you used this sonia kashuk palette!!!! you have no
    idea! i recently got it from target and i wanted to use it for valentines
    day but i had no idea what to do with it! this is literally so perfect and
    just before vday so i even have today to practice :) thank you so much
    kathleen, youre a lifesaver! hahaha xoxo

  5. my jaw literally dropped when I clicked on the video. you are STUNNING. the
    eyeliner really makes your beautiful green eyes pop! love it!!! <3

  6. I wish I could do that type of eyeliner look. No matter how hard I try it
    always looks weird. Maybe I just can’t pull it off?
    Does anyone have some tips?

  7. i don’t know if anyone commented this yet because i don’t read comments
    below the screen haha but i think that maybelline has this line now and has
    like a dewy type foundation that is like the matte and poreless…? but
    it’s like dewy and…? something. haha. dunno. you look go’jussssssss girl

  8. I need to run to Target and get that palette! The shadows look great and
    this look was smokin. I would insert the little fire emojis if YouTube
    would display them. 

  9. a way to use ashy taupe contour powders is to first warm up your face with
    a bronzer then use a smaller more precise brush and contour I do it that
    way so that I don’t loose the definition of the contour if I contour first
    then bronze it blends the contour shade with the bronzer loosing all the
    definition and structure lol I hope that made sense :) )

  10. oh my god girl! that eyeliner was just… everything!! It made your green
    eyes pop! I wish I had your color eyes they’re so different… like emerald
    green. Ok I’m gonna stop now haha, awesome job as always <3 

  11. Loved the look!!! You look so gorgeous!!! And love that is all drugstore
    makeup and brushes, cause you have a way to talk about the products you
    love that every time you say: I love this guys! I run out the door and get
    it! And as you say: That’s expensive! And after a few Sephora trips I have
    gone totally broke!!! Hahahaha!

  12. Wow I love this look on you! You are always gorgeous whether you use high
    end or affordable makeup products! I think this is a great wearable
    everyday kind of look that I will have to try out soon! 

  13. If i even tried to do my eyes like that they would end up all teary n
    bloodshot looking lol..piiinchi Kathleen why are your eyes so freakin
    beautiful! Lol! dude i am so kidding! i tell my sister that.. i mean it
    with love

  14. There are few Makeup tutorials that make me jump up and say wow I have to
    do that . This is one of them . I love it even more because it is drugstore
    but you could never tell . And it helps that literally everything you used
    with drugstore some muas will put drugstore in the description nd that walk
    up in the video with some sigma , Mac brushs nd it like

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