Full Face Of First Impressions – Makeup Tutorial | Shani Grimmond

Hi my darlings. Today I filmed a full face first impressions video on a bunch of new makeup items that i’ve picked up over the past month or so. Well it’s not really full face first impression…..


  1. You always upload around midnight here in NZ and i always stay up to watch,
    you’re ruining me bloody sleeping pattern, Shani!

  2. yeeesss!! shani yess!! i havent even watched the video yet, but i know its
    gonna be so great as always! but i missed you sooo muchhh!!! looovee you
    soo much girlfriend!!

  3. off topic but how are you soooo tan?? I even use loving tan in ultra dark
    and can never get this dark! When i use the bondi sands in dark and leave
    it on for 24 hours it just gives me a light tint :( lol so jealous! 

  4. HOW DO YOU GET YOUR MAKEUP TO STAY?! I live in Brisbane and I CANNOT get my
    make up to stay on all day at school! ITS JUST SO FREAKING HOT! love you <3

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