1. I’d like to adopt a puppy within the next month or so and I know that
    they’re are certain things you HAVE to have before bringing it home. But I
    feel like the lists I’ve seen online and in books are way too long! So
    could you make a video on what things you have to get with a few puppy
    proofing tips? Please thumbs up so Casey can see!!!

  2. Love all your looks Casey! Your so talented and I know many people say this
    but you are seriously my fave makeup youtuber!! Did you use the Maybelleine
    Fit Me Matte and poreless foundation?? How did you like it?? 

  3. Gorgeous look Casey!! I can’t wait to try the urban decay eyeshadows when
    they come to Australia next month eeee! :D 

  4. Casey I love you sooo soo much absolutely massive idol in my life amazing
    at what you do never stop being yourself would be a dream if you responded
    lots of love xxxxx

  5. Do you ever watch a video in 2x speed and then get mad because you feel
    like they rushed through the whole video and then realized it’s your own
    fault for watching it on 2x speed? Bc that’s me rn.

  6. Can you do a “must have” list of brushes that you think are essentials for
    many looks ? And maybe show the expensive ones with an affordable duplicate
    with it?

    Love watching your videos! I wait for them every week :) God bless!

  7. Is the nyx brow gel waterproof? How is the staying power? I live in a very
    hot and humid place and everything melts on my face coz i seat on my face a
    lot. Please reply. I want to try this product.

  8. you should definitely put the songs that you use in your videos in the
    description box and where we can find them. I swear i spend at least 40
    hours a week trying to find the songs you use. its like a full time job lol.

    ps. i havent succeeded in finding any of the songs hahahaha

  9. rosacia doesnt look bad. aactually it looks like you have been in hot bath.
    why you make something big from small? it doesnt look like a skin problem
    at all! i would never say if i didnt know

  10. How do you feel about the new fit me matte poreless foundation? I’m
    thinking of trying it and I’ve got very oily skin as well

  11. I love your videos so much. I havent even watched the video yet. But every
    time I see your videos I get so excited. I just love your personality so
    much and normally I don’t comment on videos because I don’t see the need
    to. But I love you and your videos so much

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