1. Read the description box before you all go at her for her eyebrows, she
    doesn’t like them, she acknowledged this, can’t believe how many comments
    pointed out the eye brows, but didn’t say how pretty the eyes were, or how
    nice her skinned looked. 

  2. beautiful tanya. you are literally glowing. xx

    (self promo alert, so feel free to scroll past) and btw…would any of you
    mind stopping by my channel? three thousand subs would make my day ;) 

  3. Tan please do a tutorial on what you wore for the baftas!

    PS: DipBrow in Soft Brown would be a better colour! and the mascara has a
    wiggly wand to prevent people from pumping the wand into the tube and
    drying it out :) 

  4. So exited to recreate this because I have that palette! L’Orial true match
    looks so good on you, it did not work for me. I have normal-dry skin and it
    clung to my dry patches and throughout the day if I touch my face it slips
    off even if I set it with a powder. So weird! Btw a great liquid liner is
    the Stila stay all day liquid liner!

  5. Don’t worry too much Tanya, thousands of us do appreciate the video and
    effort you put into the look, you have to take risks with makeup and though
    it’s not worked how you wanted with your brows this time, you actually rock
    them anyway, don’t hate them because other people don’t like them, you’re
    beautiful! ❤️

  6. Really love this look Tanya!! Would anyone mind checking out my channel? I
    put a lot of effort into them and I mainly focus on DIY, fashion, beauty
    and lifestyle type videos! Let me know if you subscribe and I will
    subscribe back! Thank you everyone xxxx

  7. Very pretty look. I don’t usually like wearing golden shades but I enjoyed
    wearing this look. +Tanya Burr How do you keep your skin looking so dewy
    after applying makeup? xx

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