1. That lip looks like Kat Von D’s Lolita. Nitra, have you purchased the KVD
    Lolita lately? Have you had issues with the color?

  2. Girl, when you put on that foundation!? Damn it looked good. And I love
    that you used gray and purple tones in this video, because I have been
    obsessed with those kind of colours lately! Keep it up girl :) 

  3. Thank you for taking your time to make this video for us. I really
    appreciate that.
    Definitely gonna try this look.
    Tu es un coeur miss Nitraa

  4. I have been following you for two years now. And I absolutely love every
    single tutorial that you have on your channel. You inspired me to be a make
    up artist something that I always wanted to do I am a cosmetologist but
    I’ve always wanted to try make up and you make it super super easy and
    simple to do I absolutely feel like a pro now just by looking at your
    videos. I watch every single video that you put out I just wanted to say
    continue to do you thing. You are one of my top YouTuber I watch and a huge
    fan. Continue to be blessed in all you do and thank you so so much for
    making me feel like a professional artist.

  5. Hey beautiful, love it. Im in need of some new brushes did you use mac or
    sigma brushes? Which do you prefer?

    fyi miss ya can’t wait to reunite :) 

  6. FABULOUS!!!!! As always, I learned something new today from your channel.
    I was not setting my cream highlighting foundation with powder…now I am!
    Thanks! My problem is that when I am highlighting with my concealer in
    all the areas that you highlighted, my face tends to look like a lighted
    light bulb in those areas. I try to blend out but it still does not come
    out right. Not sure what I am doing wrong but I really like how your face
    looks highlighted,,,any tips or suggestions! Thanks and be blessed!

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