1. Definitely looks AWESOME. But takes a LOT of space in a regular play
    (without the cheat mods on). But many concepts can be used on a regular
    play, and I loved it, as usual. I am so glad you are back, Strict!

  2. what are you talking about? this city looks AWESOME, and in my opinion your
    videos are the only ones worth watching!!! i’ve seen some videos out
    there….OMG terrible. So pls keep up the good job :) 

  3. Note: These are YOUR designs, you design them how you like, those who
    complain about inefficient roads, THEIR designs would be invalid in the
    real world. Your design implement a real world DOT influence, which I find
    far better to the intellectual rather than those who only “manage” without
    forethought to actual design. The VAST player base who play this game have
    no deep knowledge of transportation led alone the logistics that goes into
    the road layout. I’ve seen many city designs and they say it’s efficient
    (circular cities), but no citizen would want to constantly correct to the
    curve rather than a straight line that allows the driver to not worry about
    curves. In the end, the complainers are children without knowledge other
    than the basic principles of the game rather than the outside knowledge
    going into the game (output vs input) to the average mind.

  4. When placing electrcity poles along a curve if you first click where you
    want the power line to go and then “connect” to your line you can create
    tigher turns, and follow curvey road better.

  5. I’m surprised people complained about how your designs aren’t efficient.
    They must not realize that urban planning is as much an art as it is a
    science. I mean if every city was laid out in the most efficient layout, we
    would have some pretty dull cities that all look the same…. Arguably,
    this idea is actually present in modern suburbia.

  6. Looks very nice. I also would like to put more residential (and even low
    density commercial) in farming areas but you have two issues in the game
    with that. One is that farms are noisy and cims will get sick. Second is
    that cims chose to work and shop with complete disregard to distance, so
    the cim on the little house by the farm might have to commute to work to a
    bank downtown.

  7. Really nice guide (again). The organic layout reminds me of the green hills
    of England or Tuscany and blends very well with the environment indeed.

  8. This series is great! Incredibly helpful, and it’s good to see you started
    uploading again after that absence! :) 

  9. These guides are great. I liked that you did a comparison between the
    american grid farmlands to the european curved farmlands. However, I would
    of shown a comparison as well to the typical “all zoned farmlands” to help
    explain why people should be designing their farms the way you showed.
    Also, I would of liked to of seen an example of the curved farmlands on
    Look forward to the next guide though =D

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