1. Thank you so much for using one of the new Armani Eye Tints in a video, I
    fell in love after seeing them in your recent NPU video and it was lovely
    to see them applied :) I loved the end look, as always – the lip was
    probably my favourite part! Just got the entire Bold Metals collection and
    I’m filming an unboxing video soon, where I’m going to open them on camera,
    do my makeup with them and give my first impressions – I can’t even express
    how excited I am! :) 

  2. LOOVE this look. the dark vampy lip/eyes looks amazing on you.

    You should totally try a goth look. Just to see what you can make out of

  3. Probably not an “acceptable” requested look, but I would love to see a 90′s
    heroin chic look. Not quite grunge, but thin, angular, pale. 

  4. Surprised to see ‘grunge’ & ‘make up tutorial’ in the same title. IMO
    that’s akin to an oxymoron. The spirit of grunge is about an apathy for
    social norms, taking as little effort as possible on appearance, & dressing
    for comfort & affordability–a ‘just rolled out of the bed’ look–waking,
    throwing on a hoodie, & emerging from one’s apt with tousled unkempt hair &
    unwashed face, The comment about the smudged make-up the following morning
    was appropriate; but, this look, on this make-up tutorial, is much more
    ‘made-up’ even for the night before. IMO, grunge is more minimal makeup,
    if at all. This look is more reminiscent of punk or maybe a Rock-n-roll
    musician, during the grunge era. It’s a nice look; but, it doesn’t capture
    the spirit of grunge, at all, & it is a little insulting to those of us,
    who embrace a grunge philosophy. ;) I’ve lived on the U.S. Pacific Coast
    since 1990, and this is not grunge IMO. 

  5. I love this look! There are definitely not enough grunge-tutorials on
    Youtube. Everyone tries to create the perfect look, but I always realise
    that I like “imperfection” the most :) 

  6. Nic, you look beautiful in any look! I still think you and Sam should do a
    look through the ages series where you do an iconic look for each decade
    starting with the 1900′s through now! 

  7. You and Sam should definitely do James St. James’ makeup on his youtube
    show called “Transformations”. The majority of the folks on the show are
    drag queens, but it’ll be interesting what you can come up with! 

  8. Good job, Nic!! This look is very suit you and make you sexy.
    Actually I’m quite confused between grunge and smoky. I guess if you do
    more imperfection in the look, calls “grunge”. otherwise calls “smoky”.
    However, this look is very beautiful and sexy. and I think blond hair makes
    you look younger than brunet. You look don’t have pore on your cheek. I’m
    only 27 now, but I find few around my nose.

    In personally, I prefer long video, because too much film editing will make
    me dizzy… and sometime feels like edit in every 3 seconds, not the very
    point. I don’t mind you were quiet when you very focused on. be honest, it
    feels a little casual with too much editing. I’m so sorry to tell you that.
    But I don’t mean only this tutorial. I mean some of tutorial in this
    channel lately.

  9. I think that you and Sam should swap videos, you should do (another) video
    that she has done in the past and she does one that you did in the past.
    Whether its an update or your version no matter what I think you guys will
    make a beautiful make up.

  10. I loved this look on you… perfect grunge should be a trend! Anyway, I see
    that you guys don’t have a vid on undereye concealing, which is the BANE of
    my existence, I’m no beginner by any means but every concealer and
    corrector I try look grey on me, ugh. And I like how you guys just use one
    concealer for everything, it feels very model-like and professional to me.
    Amazing makeup! xoxo

  11. A thing I’d do if I was going on a night out, I’d do my base and eyes in
    the morning and really let them ware off and let the eyes crease and smudge
    a bit (i wore a primer anyway because I’m a creature of habit)

    By the evening, when we’re getting ready – I’d then do either deep berry or
    black lipstick, smudge my eyes a bit more with my fingers and maybe take a
    bit of coconut oil and run that through my hair to dishevel it :)

    Outfit-wise, skinny leather trousers, my T-UK platforms (they do the most
    BEAUTIFUL shoes), an oversized plaid shirt (sometimes tied) and a t-shirt
    with a lace up corset back (you can find it on ebay)

    So to some it up, I like grunge-inspired :P It suits the rock club my
    friends and i like to go to :P 

  12. Nic, I know you don’t use a primer, but which one could you recommend? I
    have dry skin, but my makeup doesn’t seem to last long. 

  13. Absolutely gorgeous Nic, even so it´s not something you go for, and because
    of that I think you were having lots of fun, you know, trying something

  14. How about a St Patty’s Day tutorial for me to watch while I drink green
    beer and smear tons of green eyeshadow on my eyes! 

  15. Please, please do a Jenna Coleman look! She’s so lovely and I think, she
    has her own kind of makeup, like, yes, that’s Jenna Coleman!

  16. Why don’t you watch each others videos? I remember a video were each of you
    selected the top 5 looks that the other sister filmed :) 

  17. You were so cute in this! I think you did a pretty good job – the lip
    really made it look grungy – the eyes could have been a bit more messy.
    Pretty cool though (and I did grunge first time around!). I would really
    love to see a look with a deep purple eye for people with green eyes and
    could you recreate Blondie (Debbie Harry) in the Heart of Glass video. I
    would love that. She was sex on legs.

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