1. I seriously love how your videos are so short and to the point. If I ever
    watch a makeup tutorial made by someone else I have to mute it because all
    they ever do is ramble on and on lol 

  2. Love how to the point your videos are. So many makeup tutorials on youtube
    where the person just rambles forever. Not that talking is bad, I just find
    myself fast forwarding/skipping a lot. Great videos, love your look! 

  3. Every look is perfect on you. And this one actually fits my style pretty
    well, so I’ll be wearing it soon! Thank you so much ♥

  4. Amazing look! I was wondering if you can do a black smokey eye tutorial? I
    seen a few people do it & on some it can look a bit messy but from watching
    your videos I feel like you can definitely pull it off! 

  5. Hello beautiful! First I have to say that you’re perfect and I love all our
    I would like this one more if it was more authentically grunge, less
    perfectly done, if you know what I mean.

  6. You are always so so gorgeous. Is it even legal to be this beautiful? XD
    Hahahah i love you Diana. So pretty! :*

  7. I hadn’t seen a video of you for a long time, and some how i was
    unsubscribe to you. Thank goodness I thought you might have deleted your
    account. I enjoy your videos so much. And you are very beautiful. 

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