GRWM: Everyday Spring Hair & Makeup Tutorial | I GOT PLASTIC SURGERY!

Hey guys! So this was my first proper “chatty” Get Ready With Me video so I hope you guys like it! I’m still working out my microphone settings too so sorry if the audio is a little distorted!…


  1. Katerina, you are so down to earth and beautiful. I love watching everyone
    of your videos because you are so talented. I hope to be as successful as
    you in the future. I’m so glad to be apart of your channel ☺️please please
    stop by my channel and give me any tips and tricks on what I should do to
    improve maybe even subscribe I love you! Keep doing you

  2. I don’t know did you contour more your chin this time but it looked a lot
    better! Not that you would need makeup etc :) )

  3. I have social anxiety too so I understand how you feel. Thank you for
    opening up, it’s nice to hear others talk about it and make it more aware.

  4. Your eye brows look FANTASTIC!! Also I’ve heard so much about Benefits
    Primer, and want to try it. Is it your favorite primer? Which do you
    recommend? You look beautiful!

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