1. Rockstar should make a DLC out of this after Heist to make it look like we
    celebrated after robbing a bank or other Heist missions.

  2. How about a dlc named
    “night life” with new high quality cars to drive to the club , new party
    clothes , drug dealers/ drug dealing missions…. Ect 

  3. Would’nt it be awesome if TBOGT DLC came out for GTAV and Luis or Gay Tony
    own the club and somehow michael,trevor,and franklin help them come up in
    San Andreas because Tony has all these connects in Liberty City and maybe
    even North Yankton? I think that’d be cool

  4. Xbox One GT is REVENGE1274, I’d love to try this, thanks! Oh, and comment
    your GT if you’re gonna add me so I know if you’re trying to invite me to a
    party. Thanks!

  5. Rockstar better make this a DLC, if not they better not patch it. They
    patch so many things that should be in the game that doesn’t ruin the game
    at all. 

  6. If you guys didn’t know in GTA IV the Bahama Mama’s night club was
    unavailable unless you glitched your way in….It then came out in a story
    DLC (HINT) so maybe with a story DLC it will be available?

  7. I know they are saving this for the DLC story(s) they have coming out soon.
    It’s like GTA IV and TBOGT. R* decided to open up the club once the TBOGT
    was released. So my guess is that they are going to do the same with this.

  8. Hey domislive franklin said on instagram that he has a secret i think he is
    working with rockstar again and making a new story mode dlc soo it may
    happen that bahamamas disco will open then.

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