1. Worst part of your videos… THE END! Whaah! In my best “Rose” voice…
    DONT GO, COME BACK, COME BACK!!! Love you NIKK!!!!!

  2. Whoaaaaaaaaah!!! Shit woman!!! I’ve never seen u look more beautiful!!!
    Thank you for these awesome tutorials! My husband looks at me like he did
    23 yrs ago, from my learning from ya. I never get tired of seeing your
    lovely face!!! Please know that you are well loved and appreciated!!!

  3. I haven’t watched too much of her, but I think Carly Bible is really…
    average looking at best. She looks pretty in her edited, filtered Instagram
    pictures and that’s it. I say that only cause Nikki mentioned it, I think
    Nikki’s prettier to be honest.

  4. i have the same skin tone as you and so basically any foundation you
    recommend i buy seeing as you’re a goddess.. butttttt for some reason i
    feel like they oxidize on me and go a little bit orange? and yours seem to
    stay so yellow-based and perfect.. whats your secret!? xx

  5. Nikki, aangezien je ook Nederlands bent haha. Ik wou je even zeggen dat je
    echt 1 van de beste make-up artisten bent. Jeetje meid, wat ben jij goed in
    je werk. Je bent een groot voorbeeld voor vele meisjes! Je bent altijd zo
    leuk lief en spontaan! I love you Nikki!!!!!! Love!

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