1. They added ”paid” airdrops that gives you weapons/armor/food etc at your
    Thats absolutely unfair and shitty for other players, ill wait untli they
    remove this option or make the game free to play(it costs 20Euros now).
    Because game does look fun, but with such unfair factor i dont want to
    waste my time and nerves on some people with money getting guns and
    shooting me.

  2. Panda. Why are you teaching us how to make a weapon that oneshots
    (Headshots) ppl/zombies ??? Now there is tons of ppl running around, being
    a D!ck and killing everyone. At least you said sorry when you killed that

  3. OMG Panda WTH was that? Killing already?? That was freakin hilarious dude,
    “can you stand still a moment?” “I’m friendly” “so am I” thwack lolz 

  4. That was great, “Hey, can you stop moving? I need to show people how to
    kill you with my bow and arrows. Ty! :)
    I’m super pumped that you’re doing some H1Z1

  5. how to get cloth without destroying your shirt, which contains 90 worth of
    inventory space? There has to be somewhere else to get it?

  6. You don’t need a Bow and Arrow Panda just put your hand in your pocket and
    pay to win, that’s the point of the game.

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