1. questa volta voglio scriverti in italiano perchè almeno riesco a scrivere
    un commento completo!!!Per prima cosa ti voglio dire che sei una bellissima
    ragazza!!e i tuoi tutorial sono tutti davvero molto utili!Li guardo due o
    tre volte perchè la prima volta mi dico sempre:”Oh no non ce la farò
    mai!!!” ma poi invece con pazienza riesco sempre a realizzare i
    tutorial!!!naturalmente il risultato non è uguale al tuo,ma sto imparando e
    piano piano mi ci sto avvicinando….mmmmmmmm quasi :-)
    sei fantastica e anche molto simpatica!!!!e come sempre non può mancare un
    grande bacio dall’Italia!!!!A presto!!!!!

  2. I have the same hair ties from Claires and this tangle teezer :D YAY!!!!
    Love the Idea of this fishtail braid, it´looks unique!
    I looked at your Instagram, your hair is sooo beautiful! I wish in my
    Country were such a good hairdresser!

  3. Girl, this tutorial is everything! My fishtail plaits last max of an hour
    before it starts to fall out and look like a hot mess so this is GENIUS!
    p.s your hair is goals <3 xx 

  4. Kaushal please do some diy skin or hair care videos. Love your makeup, hair
    and videos. I have made an appointment with nicky in march. Cant wait soooo
    excited :D :D :D 

  5. love this tutorial kaushal, your videos make me sooo happy deffo one of my
    fave youtubers, and your blog is just stunning…love ya doll xx

  6. OMG that was so easy and quick fishtail hairstyle that have ever seen loved
    it and would try someday :)
    I saw your pic of your new hair color on instagram i really liked your hair
    color what’s the name of your old hair color and new hair color ? please i
    want the same hair color too :) <3 

  7. Aw ! You’re amazing ! I’ve passed all my times in your channel haha
    I lov’e your style so much you are very beautiful.
    So i have a request for you, can you please write the name of product you
    used in the video “tutorial | Glittery Bronzed Party Makeup & Hair Tutorial
    | Kaushal Beauty” cause I dont speak english very well, so i dont
    understand the name of product in this video !

    Dont matter if u dont have time to do this, i love your channel & i will be
    always here to share and look ur video!

    Love <3

  8. Absolutely gorgeous kaushal. I like your top.
    Also, Can you do a video on how to get rid of facial hair. I know it’s a
    little gross lol but we all have em. Specially brown people

  9. Truly Gorgeous..! Awesome way to do a fishtail braid for a person like me
    who has layers. Thanks +Kaushal Beauty for sharing this! Can I request you
    to do a makeup tutorial for the look you have on in this fishtail braid
    tutorial? :P I really loved the makeup you have done in this tutorial and I
    wish I can give it a try. You look amazing as always. Stay blesses girl.

  10. I really love the braid, definitely going to try this out! By the way, your
    new hair is absolutely stunning <3 and yesss, you should do more hair
    tutorials :) x 

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