1. OMG Kimmy Gibler now THAT is a throwback!! Love ya girl, you have seriously
    became one of my fav fellow you tubers to watch =)

  2. love that you reply to so many comments, Leighann :) I just recently
    subscribed and I’m loving your videos! xo

  3. leighann, i once had a dream you helped me with bulling, and you could also
    fly… very random but yeah
    also love you and your videos so

  4. I love when I accidentally “catch” a piece of my bangs in a ponytail and
    get little sprouts :_)
    This hairstyle is super cute and suits you very well, I’m definitely doing
    it tomorrow! My hair is half dark brown and half bleach blonde so I think
    it’ll look cool! 

  5. Hairspray/shine spray? Together?!? I didn’t know this existed! Could you
    share what brand it is? :D (I tried to pause the video but couldn’t see the
    cover of the bottle)

  6. Why didn’t you post this before I cut all my hair off?! Waaaahhh! :, (
    Haha! This is still super cute and I love it. Thanks, Leigh Ann! 

  7. Thanks to you I can now pull off 3 day hair with Batiste dry shampoo that
    I’ve seen you mention a ton! I bought some for my mom when she was in the
    hospital and she LOVES it too! 

  8. i absolutely loooooove when you wear your hair like this. it’s adorable.
    and perfect. (just like you) k love you bye

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