Heart Braid Tutorial ♥ Valentine’s Day Hairstyle + NuMe Giveaway!

Learn how to create an easy accent heart shape braid on your hair. This hairstyle will work on medium to long hair and it’s perfect for Valentine’s day. I love this heart braid because it’s…


  1. My Dream Valentine is none other than my husband. No one is more perfect
    for me. My dream date is to go to this great little Italian restaurant we
    have here, called Ricatoni’s. I’ve been so many times but I never get tired
    of it. Then we just go home and drink some wine and watch t.v. or movies. :) *I would like the Teal colored Megastar. Thanks for a chance to win!

  2. Happy Valentines Day Nee!! My dream valentines date is to have a dinner in
    a beach or in any romantic place with my husband..

  3. Amazing giveaway!!!!! I love that hairstyle I’ll definately use it
    tomorrow!!! Well to be honest my dream valentine would be either my crush
    Eric or my best friend Nate. 

  4. My dream valentines date would be someone nice cute has a good sense of
    humour and polite. If i do win (which barely never happens). I would love a
    pink one. Love you

  5. Well valentines is jst bout love.
    It could be parental love as well.
    But still as in of my dream date would be.
    My colg tym so long crush.
    Plus my best friend :-*
    Well any colour would work for me.
    All are super cute <3
    So if i win.
    I would love to get. A color of ua choice <3
    I dnt hav insta, twitter
    But following you on Facebook :-* 

  6. My dream Valentine date would my other half a person who would understand
    be handsome,caring and love me for who and only thought about me and I do
    win I would like the turquoise colour of the NuMe flat iron pls

  7. My dream Valentine would be this guy I’ve been crushing on for a few years
    now. Black for me please, I know I’m so boring

  8. my dream date is that my crush that i have been crushing on for a year
    would ask me to be his girl friend. i would like the teal/blue one please

  9. I’m not really a lover, really, I would just love to go to the movies with
    family and a few select friends, that’s always a fun day for me.
    I would like the teal color NuMe. And wow Bebe, your hair is so healthy
    looking and gorgeous! Love ya <3

  10. Omg girl i love how you always do your hair its amazing ….your very
    talented i adore you …keep doing what you …thumbs up girl

  11. My dream valentine date would be with either my friends or myself, because
    I don’t need a boyfriend to make me feel happy. Valentines day is meant to
    be spent with people you love- family and friends. My favourite colour is
    the pink. <3 happy valentines day everyone! And don't be sad if you don't
    have a valentine, because there is always someone out there who loves you,
    wether it's your dog, your friends or your family, they are there to
    support you everyday. Lots of love!!! :3 

  12. Happy Valentine’s Day!! My dream valentine date is someone I can relate
    with and doesn’t come across as annoying or conceited and very considerate
    of others <3 And someone will sing to me haha My crush's name is Colin but
    I think he's gay which is such a waste for his good looks… He looks like
    one of those Brazilian models and btw I would want a black or blue flat

  13. Hi Nee! I love your videos and am so so so happy you’re doing makeup
    tutorials again yayness =) my dream valentine date is Gu Jun Pyu (Lee Minh
    Ho’s fictional character in Boys Over Flowers). I am still head over heels
    in love with him ahhhhh lol. Even if we’re having dinner in his mansion
    bathroom I’d be happy and I love pink! Thanks xoxo!

  14. i love the haistyle it is so adorable just like you :) .. and for my my
    dream valentine date ( there are so many of them actually haha :p ) if i
    had to choose one it has to be a youtuber called markiplier he is the
    sweetest funniest most handsome person earth ♥ and for the flat iron PINK
    home gurl needs dat pink flat iron haha love ya :) 

  15. my dream valentine is ofcourse my better half…I luv him so much and cant
    think of anyone else to spend my life with…happy valentines day nee.. I
    love the hot pink colour for the straightener

  16. Hi! My ig page is @bloombraids I love your videos by the way! My dream
    Valentines Date would just be to lay a blanket down and look at the stars
    with that special someone. The sky fascinates me and being able to enjoy a
    simple moment like that would be lovely:) I would love to win a turquoise
    flat iron. Thankyou! 

  17. My dream valentines date would be with my close friend, who has planned out
    our whole day from breakfast to dinner, resulting us in a movie date at
    home after a fun day of outings! Simple, well-thought out dates are the
    best dates.

    I would also like the turquoise coloured flat iron, if I were to win!

  18. I love to watch movies from your participation, many times zainspirowałaś
    me with their hairstyles and most able to do the same, but some can not do
    because I have a hair but let down the steps! my dream is to meet a date
    with Skrillex at a great Italian restaurant. I would like to win one pink

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