1. People in my class say I wear make up to impress boys but I wear make up
    for myself and to make me feel prettier and less insecure and that’s what
    people (boys) don’t release I don’t wear make up for anyone but myself and
    to make myself happy 

  2. Does Sam have a canadian accent or is just a regular voice

    cause I LOVE HER VOICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Did anyone notice that her hair looks done at the end of the video? Like
    she curled it? It looked amazing though! But it did look different from
    when she brushed it, than BAM perfect curled hair

  4. I thought you said dry shampoo damaged your hair and you didn’t use it just
    curios because I don’t use it either because my hair falls when I do
    So did this brand work for you ?? 

  5. Possibly your best video yet and holy crap Sam you look BEAUTIFUL without
    makeup! I literally look like an egg without makeup

  6. Sam, you don’t need makeup! your so beautiful as it is. you’re an
    inspiration to loads of people! young girls, teens, etc. we love and
    support you so keep doing amazing!

  7. I throw on yogas and a sweatshirt, wash my face, brush my teeth, and throw
    the hair in a bun…a lot simpler than this lol

  8. How do you not have curtains or blinds? I have to have my room pitch black
    otherwise I’d be awake at the crack of dawn!

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