1. This is my country’s national flower! :D I see them everywhere, though
    they’re mostly red and less yellow, orange. Brilliant tutorial, it looks so
    real. ^^

  2. looks so pretty.
    can’t wait for the warm weather to come back.
    winter just doesn’t seem to want to leave us this year

  3. Lol its kind of weird watching this because its raining hahaha idk why!
    Awesome flower! Have you ever tried dried hibiscus juice? I know it sounds
    weird :D its actually pretty good! 

  4. OMG the microbeads…how perfect!! i finally got pearl-x powders….their
    coverage amazes me. this is so awesome….love plumerias. great job.
    take care :) 

  5. OMG amaizing!!!!!!!!!

    I know this sounds weird but could you please do something from the Hobbit?
    It’s my b-day in a few weeks:)

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